50 Gambling Quotes to Make You Realize Life is Not Just About Luck

gambling quotes

Many of us believe in luck. We think a lucky necklace, shirt, shoes, and so on will somehow give us what we want. Sometimes, we even let luck control our lives, and gambling is one way of proving luck exists.

For many years, gambling has been a source of entertainment across different countries. It became popular, giving birth to large casinos, electronic gaming machines, and internet gambling. Addiction is an alarming problem nowadays, and I am not just talking about gambling; it can be about drugs, alcohol, women, and other vices.

50 Quotes about Gambling

There is nothing wrong with gambling, especially when you are spending your hard-earned money on something that gives you fun. However, if it causes you to lose more than what you are earning and affects every aspect of your life, then it is a sign that you have a gambling addiction. Acknowledging your problem as early as possible can help you to recover from this so-called gambling disorder.

Here are the 50 Gambling Quotes to Make You Realize Life is Not Just About Luck:

1.“You cannot beat a roulette table unless you steal money from it.” –  Albert Einstein

2. “The world is like a reverse casino. In a casino, if you gamble long enough, you’re certainly going to lose. But in the real world, where the only thing you’re gambling is, say, your time or your embarrassment, then the more stuff you do, the more you give luck a chance to find you.” – Scott Adams

3. “True luck consists not of holding the best of the cards at the table; luckiest is he who knows just when to rise and go home.” – John Milton Hay

4. “Gambling is the child of avarice, the brother of iniquity, and the father of mischief.” – George Washington

5. “Writing’s like gambling. Unpredictable and sporadic successes make you more addicted not less.” – M. John Harrison

6. “Gambling with cards or dice or stocks is all one thing. It’s getting money without giving an equivalent for it.” – Henry Ward Beecher

7. “By gaming, we lose both our time and treasure, two things most precious to the life of man.” – Owen Felltham

8. “Gambling is a disease of barbarians superficially civilized.” – Dean Inge

9. “Gambling promises the poor what property performs for the rich, something for nothing.” – George Bernard Shaw

10. “Life is like a poker game. You deal or are dealt to. Your success depends on skill, luck, and creativity. You bet, check, bluff, and raise. Your education comes from those you play with. Sometimes, you win with a pair or lose with a full house. But whatever happens, it pays to keep a sense of humor.” – Anon

11. “Making money at gambling was like seeing ghosts: you never met someone who’d seen a ghost, only someone who knew someone who’d seen a ghost. You only met people who knew people who’d made a fortune at White’s or on the racecourse.” – Winston Graham

12. “I used to be a heavy gambler, but now I just make mental bets. That’s how I lost my mind.” – Steve Allen

13. “Someone once asked me why women don’t gamble as much as men do, and I gave the common reply that we don’t have as much money. That was a true but incomplete answer. In fact, women’s total instinct for gambling is satisfied by marriage.” – Gloria Steinem

14. “No horse can go as fast as the money you put on it.” – Earl Wilson

15. “Of all mechanics, of all servile handy craftsmen, a gamester is the vilest. But yet, as many of the quality are of the profession, he is admitted amongst the politest company.” – John Gay

16. “Trust everybody but cut the cards.” – Finley Peter Dunne

17. “A gambler is nothing but a man who makes his living out of hope.” – William Bolitho

18. “The less you bet, the more you lose when you win.” – Bob Nastanovich

19. “Nobody is always a winner, and anybody who says he is, is either a liar or doesn’t play poker.” – Amarillo Slim

20. “I can never gain something without losing everything I had.” – Nadia Scrieva

21. “In the fight between you and the world, bet on the world.” – Frank Zappa

22. “The urge to gamble is so universal and its practice is so pleasurable that I assume it must be evil.” – Heywood Broun 

23. “Another great evil arising from this desire to be thought rich, or rather, from the desire not to be thought poor, is the destructive thing that has been honored by the name of speculation but that ought to be called Gambling.” – William Cobbett

24. “The safest way to double your money is to fold it over once and put it in your pocket.” – Kin Hubbard

25. “To get it right, be born with luck or else make it. Never give up. A little money helps, but what really gets it right is never facing the facts.” – Ruth Gordon

26. “I am a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it.” – Thomas Jefferson

27. “The better the gambler, the worse the man.” –PubliusSyrus

28. “The only sure thing about luck is that it will change.” – Wilson Mizner

29. “If you gamble long enough, you’ll always lose; the gambler is always ruined.” – Michael Crichton

30. “If you would be wealthy, think of saving as well as getting.” – Benjamin Franklin

31. “Because people have no thoughts to deal in, they deal cards and try to win one another’s money. Idiots!” – Arthur Schopenhauer

32. “Last year, people won more than one billion dollars playing poker. And casinos made twenty-seven billion just by being around those people.” – Samantha Bee

33. “Luck, bad if not good, will always be with us. But it has a way of favoring the intelligent and showing its back to the stupid.” – John Dewey

34. “I had always been fascinated by the bizarre world of cards. It was a world of pure power politics, where rewards and punishments were meted out immediately.” – Ely Culbertson

35. “Gambling is a way of buying hope on credit.” – Alan Wykes

36. “In gambling, the many must lose in order that the few may win.” – George Bernard Shaw

37. “A dollar won is twice as sweet as a dollar earned.” – Paul Newman

38. “Gambling operates under the premise that greed can be satisfied by luck.” – Rita Mae Brown

39. “Gambling makes boys selfish and cruel as well as men.” – Thomas Hughes

40. “A gambler never makes the same mistake twice. It’s usually three or more times.” – Terrence Murphy, a.k.a. “VP Pappy”

41. “Time spent in a casino is time given to death, a foretaste of the hour when one’s flesh will be diverted to the purposes of the worm and not of the will.” – Unknow

42. “A gambler plays even when the odds are immutable and against him.” – Roger “Lou Krieger” Lubin

43. “Eat your betting money but don’t bet your eating money.” – Horseracing Proverb

44. “I wonder what inspires gamblers. Is it the adventure or the love of laziness?” – Paul Bamikole

45. “This was my first lesson about gambling: if you see somebody winning all the time, he isn’t gambling; he’s cheating.” – Malcolm X

46. “Quit while you’re ahead. All the best gamblers do.” – Baltasar Gracián y Morales

47. “Gambling is risk-taking. It might be said the owner of a casino gambles, takes risks, but he has the odds in his favor, so that’s intelligent gambling. If I wanted to gamble, I’d buy the casino.” – Jean Paul Getty

48. “There is no magical formula to beat the casino. None. Save your money. Save yourself from the cons of an author and the cons of the casino.” – John-Talmage Mathis

49. “In his gambling, he had one besetting weakness- faith in a system that made his damnation certain.” – Jack London

50. “You cannot afford to gamble your youth only for fun.” – Amit Kalantri

Overcome Gambling Needs

For some people, it is hard to resist the need to gamble. Like the lottery, seeing how much you could win when you trust your luck, it can be very fascinating. Most people will try their luck in exchange for a better life.

To restrain from gambling, here are some tips to help you enjoy a full and wholesome life:

1.Create a Daily Plan

Some people admit boredom is the reason they choose to gamble. They are tempted with the fun and entertainment it gives. So, to avoid gambling, plan something ahead to keep your mind in more productive activities.

2.Live Your Life Today

If you have a gambling history, today is the best time to quit. Do not dwell on the past; instead, focus on what you can do today. Live in the present and do not think too much of the future. That way, you will be able to enjoy the true meaning of life.

3.Change Your Routine

The only constant in this world is change. Even when you are used to gambling every day, making a stand to stop can help you start a new life. Set new goals, tasks, and dreams every day to give you other views of life.

4.Find a New Hobby

You might consider gambling as a hobby, but when it makes you lose more than win, it is already an addiction. To get away with this, you need to find a new hobby or rekindle an old one. This will keep you busy with more useful things to do in life, rather than missing out.

5.Think Gambling Negatively

When you find the urge to gamble, remember that you will lose your money. That way, your temptation will turn into worries. Also, remind yourself that, when you start gambling, you can’t stop.


Appreciating your life is the best strategy for gambling prevention. Having a grateful attitude will make you search less for the excitement and fun that gambling can give. It is just a matter of practice. Try it, you will have nothing to lose.

And sure, counseling and therapy can help you to deal with this problem. Being able to express your feelings and problems or having someone to listen can help you treat your gambling issues. You just have to be positive about life and know you can overcome it by yourself.