Cheer Up! Learn How to Make Yourself Happy

how to make yourself happy

There are times when we feel extra bored and lonely and have the feeling that life is sucking all the happiness and joy out of us. However, everyone has the power to repeal this. How? Choose to be happy. Cheer Up! Learn How to Make Yourself Happy with this one short read.

Why should I choose to be Happy?

There are a lot of reasons for you to be happy. In fact, it is a vital element to say that a person is living a successful life. It is said that happiness is the experience of the overall meaning and pleasure in life. A person needs a significance to live their lives according to their purpose and live it to the fullest. Likewise, a person also needs to experience pleasure in order for them to assert that they are living their life the right way. Besides, pleasure is one of the best feelings a person can feel while experiencing the top of success, right?

Here is How to Make Yourself Happy

There are some things you must know first before you can go on with making yourself happy. First, you don’t need other people to be happy. After all, happiness is an individual choice that can only be achieved by a willing mind. Another thing is that, in order for you to be happy, it is very important that you must not hurt anyone in the process. Harming or hurting others just to make you happy surely won’t make you genuinely happy. Furthermore, a sincere happiness is not selfish for it must be shared and cherished.

Now, let me help you make your way to happiness and life success by showing you these tips.

1. One Kind Thing in a One Nice Day

Make it your goal to engage yourself in doing a kind and noble thing every single day. If it is for yourself or for others, doing something kind day can make you feel accomplished. It can also help you to feel needed, wanted, and loved. If this is done the right way, it is certain that happiness will soon follow.

2. Don’t Listen to that Bad Guy in Your Head

When a person is troubled, a very specific thing that you can see about them is that they tend to become significantly quiet. However, in these kinds of moments, their heads are getting loud. Their minds are so loud that their positive thoughts are being silenced along with their mental defenses getting attacked.

Knowing this, we must learn how to block these negative thoughts and silence all the destructive words that can come out of our own minds. Learn how to make yourself happy by preventing these thoughts from penetrating your mental defense that can take away your joy and worst stealing away your self-identity.

3. Learn to Forgive Yourself

In life, you can encounter a lot of different situations that can either excite you or frustrate you. Things may go wrong and sometimes you will never know how to make things right. That is why it is very important for each individual to learn forgiveness, especially forgiving themselves. Self-forgiveness is like a healing potion for the heart. No one can ever forgive you for committing the things in your life other than yourself alone. Do not make yourself suffer by blaming yourself for being a little weaker in the past. Don’t make such things last. End them right now and choose to be happy.

4. Right at This Moment, Accept Yourself

To make it clear, self-acceptance does not only pertain to accepting your body but also your identity and purpose. You are a cherished creation. Look up. Remember your purpose, know your identity, accept your body, and you will genuinely happy.

Self-acceptance also includes accepting your status right now. If you are single, you shouldn’t need to think that there is something wrong about you. Also, if your current salary right now is not as high as your friend’s, then you must not lose all your joy but instead do your job well and you will reap a bounty harvest in due time. By accepting yourself and through contentment, you can be free from the prison of loneliness and depression.

5. Stay Away from People Who Can Make Things Worse for You

If you can still manage to be okay while interacting with toxic individuals at work or anywhere else, do not leave them but instead try to influence them in a positive way. Otherwise, stay away from these people because they can only make things worse for you. Toxic people are only capable of saying unkind and harsh things that can leave you stressed out and unhappy. Leaving them is not a bad thing. You can help yourself to be relieved from their negative presence while helping them to avoid harming you without their knowledge.

6. Take Care of Yourself

One of the things that can make and keep a person happy is a good health. More so, take good care of yourself and achieve your happiness. Take some time to exercise and feel your body getting energized. Afterward, allow yourself to be relaxed and get enough sleep. A good night sleep will surely make you wake up in the morning full of positive vibes and a hope running over which is an essential factor for you to be happy.

7. Eat Right and Be Alright

Personally, I find meals the most awaited parts of the day. When I eat, I get the privilege to talk and have fun with my family. And eating alone doesn’t make it any less happy. Would you like to make yourself happy? How about eating with your family or taking time to eat solemnly alone? You will surely appreciate both if you won’t skip any meals.

After all, there is a scientific explanation that eating is associated with happiness. In fact, according to neuroscience, our blood sugar drops when we don’t eat enough which can stress us out by sending lots of stress signals to our brains.

8. It Is Simple, Just Breathe

Can you imagine that you can make yourself happy with just simply breathing? Yes, you read it right. Breathing exercises can help you avoid getting stressed. When things go wrong and you can feel that stress is already creeping up on you, take your time and do a simple breathing exercise. This way, you won’t only avoid stress but also its negative effects on your body.

9. Organize Your Space

Another thing that can help you make yourself happy is to organize your personal space. For example, when you wake up in the morning make sure to leave your bed clean and organized. This will give you a satisfying feeling especially when you come home after work and see your bed ready to hug you again. What a nice feeling.

Furthermore, I can also guarantee that you can extend this satisfaction and happiness to your loved ones, especially if you set a schedule to organize your home together. It would be a great time for bonding and an energy-draining activity after which you can relax together.

10. Go Out and Let the Sun Kiss You

You can go to the beach or just go out for a while to buy a soda. Getting exposed to a healthy amount of sunlight is also essential in making yourself happy. It is often that people work in places with poor in sunlight. So, try to get out and have access to natural light we have. However, if it’s not possible, full-spectrum light bulbs can do the same thing.

11. Reward Yourself

It is also a loving thing to reward yourself for doing a good job on trying your best to become happy. If you are a thrifty person and love to buy cheap and affordable products, try your best to treat yourself at special times.

Cheap is nice. However, you must also treat yourself better by simply buying a more expensive thing than usual. On the other side, happiness is not dependent on material things, so avoid getting the wrong idea.

12. Try to Smile for a While

You can also trigger-happiness with just a simple gesture. How? Just crack a smile and influence your own self. Your actions can reach your mind and influence it either in a bad or good way. So choose the good way and make yourself happy. The decision you make when you smile is the first step to happiness.


In order to be happy, there are a lot of things that you can do. We have learned that happiness is a combination of both meaning and pleasure which a person needs in order to feel significant and live a significant life. Now that you are already knowledgeable about the things that can help you to be happy, start making your way right now to the happiest person that you can be. Find happiness and achieve success with these tips on how to make yourself happy.