Start Self-Investments and Build a Better Future

self investments

A young girl whose goal is to become a chef one day will exert so much effort in practicing how to cook different recipes. She will continue experimenting with a variety of ingredients and flavors in order for her to come up with a delicious delicacy that many people from all over the world would crave to eat.

There is also this young boy who is aspiring to become a total performer one day. He will undergo series of training and spend most of his time working on his singing voice and polishing his dance moves to ensure that he will become a famous performer one day and that the world will look forward to his performances on stage.

What they are actually doing is ensuring their future. They may not know it yet but as they go through, they will soon realize that all of the effort and time they have exerted have paid-off. Through self-investments, they unconsciously built a better future for themselves.

Self-investment is one of the easiest investments in life yet many people seem to disregard it. In fact, some people won’t even consider it a “wise” investment. But come to think of it, if you will not invest in yourself, who else will? You’re not expecting that someone will proactively do it on your behalf, do you?

We have compiled various ways to invest in yourself today in order to enjoy a better tomorrow. With whatever you intend to improve in your life, self-investment must become the first priority because it makes all those objectives possible. What specific areas of your life do you think are valuable platforms to invest in? Consider the following:

1. Creativity Investment

Life is like a book and creativity plays a vital role in it as it turns the next pages of our life. However, as we age, we seem to set aside our creativity and focus on a specific page – like being a workaholic to the point where our health is compromised. We don’t even seem to realize it since we have dedicated so much of ourselves to that page which should never be the case.

Our creativity should not diminish as we get older since it’s what keeps the pages of our life to turn continuously. There are so many ways to maintain our creativity – spending an hour doing something creative is already enough to have a break and come up with a new idea on how we can improve the many facets of our lives. It is also important to incorporate our creativity into our lives to develop a better outcome.

2. Dreams and Goals

You should be certain about what you like. Dreams and goals should be properly noted and listed so they serve as a motivation every day. Small dreams shouldn’t be underestimated because big achievements started with just a small dream. Besides, dreams and goals are successes just waiting in line.

3. Self-Confidence Investment

They said that confidence will take us to many places since most of our decision-making moments in life are greatly influenced by how confident we are about them. To build your self-confidence is not an easy task, there are factors that will shape your self-confidence. Although building self-confident doesn’t have to be abrupt, you should start now by accepting and loving yourself.

When you start to accept and love yourself, you start to become more confident and that will soon be transpired to others. Self-confidence is an investment that will not just benefit you but also the people around you.

4. Nurture your Talents and Skills

Talents and skills should be expanded and nurtured to their perfect state. Everything is possible especially now with the presence of the internet – it made our lives a lot easier through social media platforms where we can connect with different people and learn from them. Also, different videos on the internet are also an efficient way of acquiring new knowledge. The Internet is also a great platform to showcase one’s talent and skills in different aspects of life.

5. Knowledge Investment

Learning is a never-ending process – we realize we have a lot more to learn whenever we learn something new. Allowing yourself to get out of your comfort zone is also allowing yourself to gain new information that will empower you with means to do what you can to make yourself the best that you can ever be.

We can acquire new knowledge by allowing ourselves to read books, interact with people, use social media, and a lot more. There’s so much this world has to offer, it’s just waiting for us to knock on its doors and make use of many resources it has for us to develop our knowledge.

6. Imagine the future

Take special attention about your future as you are solely responsible for it. Ensuring what your future will become is one of the most important reasons to invest in yourself. Make sure that you are getting what you deserve physically and mentally. Health is indeed wealth so take care of yourself to be able to take care of your future.

7. Health Investment

Working with passion and dedicating yourself to something is not a problem, but if it comes to the point that your health will be compromised, that’s when it becomes a problem. There is a saying “Health is wealth” which actually makes sense – all your hard work will just be useless if you don’t live long enough to see and enjoy it.

Eat nutritious food to fuel your body to carry out your tasks every day. Exercise regularly to promote good blood circulation in your body. Although this might seem not that important considering you’re young, it’s ensuring that your health is at its best state. Besides, it’s a good idea to do something that your future body will thank you for.

8. Find a mentor

Let’s admit it, we don’t know everything yet considering our young age. There’s a lot out there that we don’t even have an idea about. That being said, it is a very good idea to ask for some help from people who are already doing great things while we are on our way to that destination. Doing this will give us a hint or tip on how to get there safely and smoothly.

9. Relationship Investment

There is a saying “No man is an island” which actually makes sense since the world does not just revolve solely around you. That being said, it’s only fair to say that in order for us to improve, we must establish good relationships with the people around us.

Your achievements will be useless if you didn’t beget them the right way. Nothing beats a good relationship with others as it reflects what kind of a person we are. Allowing these relationships to grow over time will perk up any aspects of our lives.

10. Understand your Strengths and Weaknesses

We all have our own strengths and weaknesses, that’s why it’s very important that we are conscious about them, especially about the weaknesses – this allows us to weigh things more accurately and it also allows us to set the proper expectations as well as the limitations in our lives. Besides, when we understand our weaknesses, others will not be able to use them against us. On the other hand, strengths should also be given utmost importance because they will be our edge in whatever we are doing in life.

11. Financial Investment

Maybe a lot of you will say “Money can’t buy happiness” blah-blah-blah. Actually, at some point, it’s very true, but you shouldn’t disregard the fact that being financially secure and independent and able to provide not just for your needs and wants but for those of your loved ones too, actually does bring fulfillment and happiness, don’t you agree?

Building wealth is a process made of small actions where you balance and prioritize the things in your life. It makes sense to be serious about how you spend and use your money. Being able to use it wisely provides security for your future as well as the ones of your loved ones – which is already proof that your investment didn’t go to waste.


Improvement in our lives will not happen automatically without us working on it – be bold enough to face your fears and take further steps to develop your overall well-being. Besides, it’s very fulfilling to witness your daily progress in the specific areas you intend to improve.

Self-investment means self-love – you invest in yourself both physically and emotionally and this promotes your own betterment. Everything starts within us that’s why it’s smart to start right there because it reflects how we perceive the outside world. No one said it’s going to be a perfect investment. Yes, it can be easy but it has its own drawbacks at the same time. Above all, you will soon realize that self-investment is the most profitable investment you will ever make.

Building a better future begins by starting to invest in yourself. You only get one chance to live your life – now is the best time to invest in yourself. Go ahead, seize the day, and start your self-investment because your future depends on it.